Cross Packs

Our cross body bags are the new generation of stylish personal packs, providing you a hands-free way to organize, store, carry and access your essential items on the go. The flat structure of pack conforms across your body while its pouch-less design gives you complete freedom of movement. Between having fat pockets or carrying a bulky backpack everyday, you will find our daily packs just the right fit to carry your gadgets, essentials, and personal items on the move.

Cross Pack Styles

All styles of cross packs share some common features but what makes them different is their function and what they can carry. The following are summary of different styles.

• CrossPaq is a great general purpose cross body bag offering ample space intended for most people. Its stylish design and function will be appropriate for most settings and conditions that you come across.

• OutPaq is for outdoor enthusiasts who need to customize the pack for their own need through use of Molle Pal webbing to add external pockets and rearrange the use of the external space on the panels. It is great for hiking, biking, climbing, camping and many outdoor or special purpose activities.

• CrossTab is for tablet users enjoying their tablet anywhere without the need to have a separate bag to carry the essentials on the go. CrossPaq tablet case can be positioned in front, waist or back providing a comfortable experience.

To purchase or learn more about specifics of each style, please click on the following links.