Side Packs

Our side packs offer a revolutionary unique design accommodating all your essentials effortlessly on the side while giving you an efficient way to get it on and off your shoulder as you stop and go. The stylish urban look paired with their pouch-less design make them ideal for use as a daily pack across different activities. Unlike traditional shoulder bags requiring frequent shoulder strap adjustments, you will find our designs stay put on your shoulder until you are ready to take it off. Best of all, you can forget about that annoying dangling pouch.

Side Pack Styles

 • SidePaq is a general purpose carry-all that frankly we should have had many decades ago. The comfortable wear of the bag especially with our new Zero-Slide anti-slip design makes it a perfect fit to hold and carry all your essentials and valuables on the go. Whether you are shopping, sight-seeing or playing golf, you will enjoy many amenities it offers at your finger tips.

• SideTab is for tablet users enjoying their tablet anywhere without the need to have a separate bag to carry the essentials on the go. You will find triple ways to access the table easily regardless of which shoulder you have it on.

 To purchase or learn more about specifics of each style, please click on the following links.