Our packs are made from durable polyester or nylon which may contain polyurethane coating to ensure longevity while holding their proper shape and appearance. The following care instructions will help you enjoy your pack for a long while.

  • Never Use: Solvents, hot water, dishwashing liquid, bleach pre-soaking solution or spot removers.
  • Never put the pack in a washing machine or a dryer unless stated.
  • Keep your zippers clean, free of sticky substances such as gum and granular grits such as sand to help them last the life of your gear.
  • Keep you gear away from your pets since they tend to mark your items with urination projecting strong smell that is not washable.

How to clean your pack

Spot clean your gear using warm water and mild non-detergent powdered soap and a supple rag, sponge or soft nylon bristle brush for heavily soiled areas. Never use any solvents since they cause irreversible damage to the product and void Paqlite product warranty.

For persistent stains, you may try spot removal products used for clothing or car mat cleaning spray foams found in auto part stores. First try using it in an inconspicuous area of the bag since these may damage the bag beyond warranty coverage.

For odor removal, you may try placing the bag and a charcoal in an enclosed container to absorb the smell for one or more days as needed. For strong odor, you may use 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water mixture to neutralize the smell. You may need to air it out for a few days in shade.

Always, line dry your pack hanging it in shade!

How to store your pack

Store your pack and any accessories in a temperate, cool, dry area avoiding heavy object on top.

Factors such as heat and humidity should be considered when storing a soft sided bag.

It is critical that your product is well dry before you store it. Storing your bag damp will foster mildew resulting in stinking odor, leaks and chemical reactions leading to de-lamination and stickiness of the fabric. When storing your gear, air it out regularly to prevent mildew formation.

Prolonged or extreme heat will affect the shape and appearance of the bag. Do not leave the bag in an enclosed car exposed to sun on a hot day.

Stuffing pocket with clothing or crumpled-up paper will help maintain its shape.