Are personal packs only for men?

Our personal packs are unisex designed for both men and woman. However since males tend to have lesser option than females when it comes to choice of bag styles we primarily display them on male models.

What is the primary difference across your Cross Packs and Side Packs?

The primary difference is in how you intend or like to wear them which narrows down your choices to select the right bag. Our cross packs are worn across the body to give you control. The bag wears and lives closer to your body. They are best suited for active lifestyle (travel, hiking, biking etc). Side packs are for urban setting where you'd rather toss a bag loosely but securely on your shoulder on one side of your body knowing that you can take off or put it back on in a split second to do whatever you happen to do at the moment.

Why for certain bags we do not see additional size or color options in stock?

We respond to market demand to bring additional sizes or colors. If you see a bag that you like but the size or color is not available, please do let us know. The more people we hear from, the better chances are that we will manufacture and have them in stock.