For the past 30 years we have traveled the globe from one country to the next on different missions both for work and pleasure. An office visit in Amsterdam, water rafting in Bali, an exotic elephant ride in Thailand or witnessing the majesty of the Foz de Iguacu falls in South America with endless stories, experiences and encounters that colored our memories.


One common theme across these trips were around what we should carry or worse, which ones we forgot. Yes, it was that extra roll of film (now memory cards) that we ran out of to capture the beautiful train ride from Bergen to Flam fjords in Norway or the handy multi-tool to fix the annoying odds and ends during the trip or simply that badly needed mint chewing gum to muffle breathing garlic while talking to a train mate in Turkey.


Well, confluence of such experiences gave rise to Paqite to innovate better options for people on the go. We started with unique personal packs to cater for wide array of consumer demand and we will continue to bring solutions to make life easier for you around the town on a trip or out in the boonies. Paqlite is a growing company with fulfillment capabilities in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.